* * * « The abortion war » * * * Fault Lines investigates the forces behind the so-called war on women in the US.

It has become one of the most vicious, important and divisive battlegrounds in the 2012 US presidential election. Since it was legalised in 1973, the issue of abortion has polarised the US, but now the battle has been taken to a new level…

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Anita Chandra discusses first study to demonstrate a link between exposure to sexual content on TV and subsequently becoming pregnant or being responsible for a pregnancy before the age of 20.

* The experience in concise: Dr Anita Chandra, a behavioral scientist from RANDCorporation has been heckled by the fact in the United States, teen pregnancy rates significantly remain higher than in any other industrialized nation, in fact they are doubled. She decided to realize a longitudinal study on a panel of 2000 teenagers. She asked in a survey of those teens about their television viewing habits and sexual attitude or behaviour. Her postulate has been demonstrated by this study published in 2008, as they found out a link between watching a lot of sexual content on TV and the risk of a subsequently pregnancy. The study proves that TV shows high sexual content without explaining any of the risks and responsability having sex implicates.

The study is interesting, Okay, but in science you need more than one study to demonstrate a fact. We are not aware of enough factors to rate this study as relevant. Moreover in Human Science as behavioural psychology there might be loads of cultural bias they didn’t took into consideration. A relevant question to ask would be: « Why Americans are more concerned about teen pregnancy? » The number of teen pregnancies should also be analysed with the number of abortions; and then compared to the others Western countries’s rates.

As a European woman I can easily guess how hard it must be to have an abortion for a non-married American woman who has gotten pregnant before the age of 18. A nightmare probably. Which clinic would practice abortion if she had the wish to not keep the baby? Is there in the United States a single doctor practicing abortion without a body-armor and bodyguards to keep his life safe ? In a country where Christianity is so expanded, so intrusive, the myth of getting married as a virgin remains a high ideal. Maybe if there was less hypocrisy from the medias about those facts there would be less teen pregnancy? Who talks about this dangerous religious extremism so powerfull in the United States?

In our so-called « modern societies » teens have sex younger and younger, the phenomenon is worldwide, does it mean that sexual contents on TV are fully responsible of it ? Family and society should be held accountable instead of letting any « TV-Box-Boss » do the job, selecting which programs are viewable by their teens. Nothing can replace family, even not money, nannies or church. The best is to get adapted to the present, and not look towards the past that is over. We will not go backwards. Everything is available with the internet, education has to adapt to that revolutionary new kind of communication, where everything we share is virtual and sometimes immoral.

To experience sex teens should use condoms, best way to not get pregnant and protected at the same time from Aids syndrome and others sexually transmitted diseases (STD). We will not go backwards either about Contraception and Abortion that are basics rights for any woman in the world. It should be free and easy to abort for any woman who expresses the desire not to keep the baby. It’s her woman right to choose. Nobody can decide for her. Americans are falling down back to the Middle-ages like the salafists they are criticising. They should clean first the inside their own nation and stop trying to clean up the others.

As a conclusion, teen pregnancy seems to happen more often in lower socio-cultural classes, so there should be more energy and money to bring them education, awareness and consciousness of their own body, not only via television, but with the help of motivated people, social workers for instance. There might be a relevant factor to study in the fact UK is the country in Europe where rates of teen pregnancy are the highest. If we live a European money crisis, anglo-saxon countries like USA are living a terrible sociocultural crisis, Mitt Romney the mormon is the clue.

If you don’t want a « BUSH3 » disaster rather vote for Obama, don’t fall down again into the middle-ages, the Western is over. Shut-up and smoke. 

© Shiva Shakti Shanti (All Rights Reserved)

Madonna – Papa Don’t Preach (1986)

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